October 30-November 2, 2023

"SPECIAL EFFECTS / Painting in Watercolor with Acrylic Texture"

with Rene Eisenbart

Skill: any level

Media: Mixed media, watercolor with acrylic grounds and mediums


Our path to discovery is intentional play, as we craft unique textural substrates for our watercolor paintings. Texture inherently encourages loose, vibrant paintings and gives you fresh, new starts. Next we’ll focus on composition, value and interpreting subjects to create our experimental works of art. Beginning with your textured paper or panel, you’ll paint on the surface with watercolor paint, first drippy, then controlled (or vice versa) to convey your subject.

Breathe new life into unresolved paintings while enhancing the concept behind your work with texture and patterning. Adding acrylic mediums and opaques to your watercolor technique opens up whole new worlds of possibilities! Learn to re-evaluate and reinvent your work when it isn’t working to your satisfaction. Any painting can be “fixed” with the right combination of acrylic grounds and lift-able opaques. Build your skills and your imagination in this lively, supportive workshop, designed to promote “out of the box” thinking!


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Cost to Attend

Cost is dependent on the type of room chosen. Cost is per-person and all-inclusive of 3 nights lodging (or 3 days site-use fee for commuters), 8 meals (6 or 3 meals for commuters) and class instruction.

A shared room will be with another person of your choosing, or assigned by Menucha (it will be someone else attending the watercolor class).

A single room will be just you with either a bathroom in the hall or the room.

All participants will be housed in Wright Hall.

If your spouse/partner wants to come but not take the class - choose Couple Room. You'll go to class while they enjoy Menucha!

A Commuter is someone who does not spend the night at Menucha. Commuters receive lunch and dinner meals. Lunch-only commuters receive only lunch.


Shared Room $700

Single Room (2 available) $822

Couple Room $924  (you take the class while your spouse/partner enjoys Menucha and the meals)

Commuter $641 (class, lunches and dinners, but no overnight lodging)

Lunch-only commuter $578   (class, lunches only, no overnight lodging)



About the Artist

René Eisenbart worked as staff artist for The Oregonian for 25 years, painting birds, flowers and other subjects to illustrate stories. In 2007 she left the Oregonian to pursue fine art. She is signature member of American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, International Society of Experimental Artists, Western Federation Watercolor Society, Northwest Watercolor Society, and Watercolor Society of Oregon.
René’s  imaginative paintings feature ordinary creatures, which evolve or develop over time in extraordinary ways. Using both physical and visual texture, her technique of acrylic marbling on watercolor paintings helps create an illusion of movement.
René also leads painting workshops in Europe and other exotic locations.

Learn more about Rene on her website: www.rene-art.com