Ways to Come to Menucha These Days

Personal Retreats

We have added rooms available for use as a personal retreat for households to come to Menucha for rest and refreshment in a place that nourishes body and soul.

$110 per night, per room*

+ meals $46.50 per adult, $24.75 per child age 7-12

*up to 4 persons who live in the same household can share a room


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Join us for an Upcoming Program

In 2021, our community came through for us!

Throughout this difficult time we have been grateful for your emotional and financial support. On so many levels, both have kept us going when we might otherwise have failed.

You can view or download our 2020 Donor Impact Report from the Friends of Menucha Foundation's website: http://www.friendsofmenuchafoundation.org/impactofyoursupport/

As of April, we're just $59,000 shy of meeting our goal for the Revive and Restore Menucha Campaign.

If you are looking for ways to support Menucha in 2021, we hope you'll visit the Friends of Menucha site for more information. Thank you! www.friendsofmenuchafoundation.org