We're going online for 2021!

April 9-11, 2021

We're bringing Menucha to you!

Do you love the ukulele? Want to play and learn with the best? Then the Menucha Ukulele Band Camp is for you. You can't catch the virus through the computer, but you can catch the excitement and connection with others through the music shared online.

Using the technology available to us, we'll bring the magic of Menucha Ukulele Band Camp to you. Classes, open mic, jams, social events, virtual tours and some things we haven't even dreamed up yet!

For 10 years Ukulele Band Camp has brought joy, laughter and merry music-making to our 102 acres in the Columbia River Gorge. In 2021, we're going to bring all that to your house, and hopefully all over the world! Since we're not limited by space, bring lots of your ukulele-playing friends. Everyone gets a front-row seat for classes, you can noodle all the way through class (as long as your on mute!) and no one can hear you! We'll record the classes so you can revisit them.

2021 Faculty: Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, the Canote Brothers, Kevin Carroll, Aaron Keim, Nicole Keim, Matt Weiner, Nova Devonie

Artistic Directors: Nicole & Aaron Keim

Fun Article Featuring our Camp: Ukulele, a Four-Stringed Phenomenon

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Registration will begin in February