May 6-9, 2024

Whats In a Face? 

Instructor: Chris Stubbs

Join Chris May 6-9 for a fun and engaging workshop which will cover both painting people and animals! 

This will be an opportunity—if you so desire—to create a painting using both people (or children) and animals.  You can also choose to work on faces or figures alone, or animals alone.   

We are amazing creations!  All of us creatures have 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth—animal and human.  Yet each human is uniquely different—all 7 billion of us!  And it’s all based on each person’s unique skeletal structure.   We also find hundreds of different varieties in the animal kingdom.   Chris will briefly talk about the anatomy of the face and how to create a likeness from the image you are working with.   

The eyes are the mirror of the soul—again for both animal and human—and Chris will give you lots of opportunity to learn how to paint eyes that come alive.  Hair and fur also present problems for most people to paint, so Chris will demonstrate how to paint each of them convincingly.  From tricks in painting skin tones to tricks in painting fur,  and a few tricks for using gouache, this workshop to help you create amazing paintings for family and friends—and shows.  She will also demonstrate effects you get using QOR Watercolor Ground for a painting. 


About the Artist, Chris Stubbs: 

Chris is mainly a portrait artist—and this includes both people and animals.   From childhood she has been drawn to people’s faces and the emotions they portray.  As an artist she doesn’t want to “just paint a portrait”, rather she wants to reach deep inside and try to achieve a glimpse into the soul of the person she’s painting.  There’s a unique story to every person’s life—a dignity and worth that comes from being created in the image of God.  Even in the every day moments that happen in each of our lives, the beauty of the spirit of the person shines through.  This happens with animals too.  They are priceless gifts to us, often so vulnerable and loving—that it is hard to resist their story and how they connect with us.

Painting beauty is important to Chris.  In our sometimes “crazy” world, she believes it calls to us and may bring discovery to deep places in our souls.  She strives to capture a “moment in time” in her paintings that perhaps lead the viewer into treasured memories.

Chris holds “Signature” membership in the National Watercolor Society, Watercolor West, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Northwest Watercolor Society and the Watercolor Society of Oregon.  She has won numerous awards both regionally and in the state of Oregon, including 2 Best of Show Awards and 5 People’s Choice Awards.  She teaches and mentors  artists monthly in her studio in Carlton, Oregon.  She is married to her husband of 55 years, Gary, and they have 2 children, 7 grandchildren and 9 (and counting) great grandchildren!

See more art by Chris on her website

A basic schedule - updates will be sent out closer to arrival.

Downloadable supply list:  Watercolor Supply List updated 2024

Cost to Attend

All inclusive of 3 nights lodging, 9 meals, and instruction. Limited to a maximum of 16 participants.

Cost is dependent on the choice of room. A shared room will have 2 occupants - you can request a roommate or let us assign one for you.

Single Occupancy - $955 (in room or shared bath)

Shared Room - $855 (bathroom will be in room or just across the hall)

Couple Room  $1135  (one person takes the class the other enjoys Menucha and all meals)

Commuter $693  (class, lunches and dinners, no overnight lodging)

Lunch-Only Commuter $663  (class, lunches but not dinner, no overnight lodging)


Check-in begins at 2:00 pm on Monday, May 6

Depart at 4:00 pm on Thursday, May 9


Photos from past watercolor classes