July 5-7, 2022


An Artist Retreat with Beth Verheyden

Watercolor & Water Media

Intermediate to Advanced Students


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Life compels us to create! Its adventures and its twists and turns, all influence how we put pencil and paint to paper. In short, we chase the emotional connection between life and art. We want to understand, capture and express it!

In this workshop “Discovery”, you will be asked to reflect on life experiences, and you’ll learn how they influence what and how you paint. You will explore different ways to intentionally tell a story. Beth will demonstrate each day on how perspective, composition, color, mark making, edges and the personal use of words, all play important roles in the telling of your own personal stories. Every day will include topical discussions, painting demonstrations and hours of painting time for you. You will be challenged to be honest and intentional in your choices so that your work reveals who you are and what is important to you. Here is the daily focus:

Day 1:

· Perspective & Composition – Explore the Relationship Between Perspective, Composition and Emotions

· Expressive Color – Practice How Color and Color Combinations Express Differently

Day 2:

· Meaningful Titles – Choose Titles that Suggest a Story

· Fluid Movement – Discover and Practice Intentional Mark Making, Edges and Brushwork

Day 3:

· Revealing You – Painting an Analogy

Join Beth and your artist peers for this relaxing and revealing artist retreat and be invited to look inward and express honestly. Relax in the peaceful setting of the Menucha Retreat Center, with its beautiful grounds and scenery. If you choose to stay overnight, you will enjoy meals prepared for you by Menucha’s chef and be free to retire to a comfortable room waiting for you at night. You will come away rejuvenated and will begin seeing yourself and your art differently than ever before!

Beth is returning to her 28 year teaching career after taking a two year sabbatical. She is a sought-after teacher, known for her honest approach to painting and for the personal stories connected to each of her paintings. She is a member of National Watercolor Society and Watercolor West, and holds Signature Memberships in the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Watercolor Society of Oregon and Northwest Watercolor Society. Her work has been published in Splash 17 and 21, and has been featured in Artist Magazine and Watercolor Artist Magazine as part of her Splash honors.


This retreat will begin at 9am on July 5 and ends at 4pm on July 7.

Cost to attend is based on the type of lodging. All lodging will be in Wright Hall. Costs listed are all-inclusive of lodging, 7 meals (5 for commuters), and class instruction.

A double occupancy room means you and one other person would share the room;

A triple occupancy room means you and 2 other people.

A Commuter is someone who takes the class, eats lunch and dinner, but does not stay overnight at Menucha.

  • Double Occupancy room: $568
  • Triple Occupancy room: $490
  • Commuter: $440



Some of Beth’s Artwork: