Our logo represents “A Fluid Labyrinth”

  • Symbol is a container for the sacred emotional imprints of the Menucha experience
  • An abstract depiction of all that Menucha offers: paths, the gorge, river, wind, waterfalls, currents of history, engagement
  • A “Meaning of Life Puzzle”…Menucha aids one’s personal assembly
  • Embracing the freedom of interpretation and expression: Journey, Transition, Renewal
  • The personality of “sacred space” and purposeful work in 2-D art
  • Native influence in aesthetic – more organic lines, less clinical
  • Ever Changing Stillness

Depending on how one sees it, you can picture the sun over the mountains, the river running beneath it, and the Trinity represented on both sides by the trio of lines and small blocks.  It can be turned so that representation is more apparent, but, obviously, it is abstract so each person can have a different interpretation based on one’s Menucha experience.

May we continue to be a blessing for you on your journey!