Creative Arts Community at Menucha

Week 1: July 31-August 6, 2022

Week 2: August 7-13, 2022

Since 1966, the Creative Arts Community has provided unique residential workshops at Menucha. After having to cancel 2020, and a reduced number of classes in 2021, 2022 brings you SEVEN different classes to choose from.


Registration has closed for 2022.



Countdown Emails Info:

We are so looking forward to welcoming you to Creative Arts Community at Menucha. There’s too much information for one email, so we’ve create the Top Eleven Emails to get you ready for Menucha! Each day we’ll send a bit more information to help you prepare and to explain how things are going to work this year.

Week 1 begins July 31 and ends August 6

Week 2 begins August 7 and ends August 13


As we are within two weeks of your arriving. Please do everything you can to minimize the possibility of exposure to someone who is sick. We want everyone to stay healthy while here. If that means wearing a mask more than you have been, we will be most appreciative.

Please send me proof of vaccination – Before July 25, please email a picture of your vaccination card (or other form of record) to (I’ll delete once I’ve seen it) or upload it to my Dropbox.

If you are not vaccinated, please contact Lori Nance for a refund.


Who’s the coordinator while we’re at Menucha?

  • This year’s coordinator for week 1 is: Kelly White
  • This year’s coordinator for week 2 is: Sarah Wolf-Newlands

Once you have arrived at Menucha, the Coordinator is here for all of your needs! If you have questions or concerns, please seek out or call the coordinator for the week you are attending. Please talk to Kelly or Sarah before contacting the Menucha office/staff for assistance.


Who do I call if I have a question before camp starts?

For questions related to your registration you can call or email Lori Nance. She won’t tell you what room you’re staying in, but she'll be glad to double check that you put in a roommate request, or if you aren’t sure whether you told her pertinent information for assigning you a room. For questions about your class you can call Kelly White.


What if I get sick, or exposed to someone who has Covid?

With sadness, we ask that you choose to stay home. Call Lori, and we’ll refund your registration fees. We hate to miss you, but we also need to take care of each other.


Are there supply lists for the classes?

Yes! On the Creative Arts Community website, below each class description is a link to the supply list. If you have trouble finding it, let us know!

Getting Ready Email #2

Will there be a Pop-Up Gallery this year? 


What is the Pop-Up Gallery and who can submit items?

All Arts at Menucha participants are welcome to offer their work for sale in the Pop-Up Gallery held in the upstairs mezzanine of Wright Hall. Items that sell best are under $100 and easy to transport home.

Who sets the price? 

As always, you set the price. Attach a removable price label with your 3 initials as a code and the price to each item you with to sell. If your work is 2-d and ready to hang, please put the price tag on the edge where it will be visible when hanging.

Who does the selling?

CAC will handle gallery display and all sales.

When do I bring and pick up items for the gallery?

Inventory is accepted on Sunday and needs to be picked up on Friday, after the evening’s studio visits or immediately after Saturday breakfast. Items not picked up are boxed and left with the Menucha staff.

Is there a commission? How do I get paid?

By the end of August checks are mailed to participants with CAC keeping a 30% commission. Funds raised are used for both scholarships and operating expenses. In addition to works of art, participants may also sell art making materials and books about art.

Do I need to let you know I’ll be bringing items?

Yes, before July 30, please fill out an “Intent to Sell” form (the link is below. In order to better set up the space, this year we are asking participants to complete a short ‘Intent to Sell’ digital form. Knowing what types of work you’re bringing, an approximate quantity, any props you have for displaying your work and when your work will be offered – first week, second week or both weeks, is much appreciated. After filling out the digital “Intent to Sell” form, you will get a confirmation and further directions.

2022 Intent to Sell Submission Form (this is a Google Form)  see reminder email #2 for the link  to the Intent to Sell form link.

Do you accept In-Kind donations? 

We are very happy to accept donations that can be included in a raffle or auction to further support CAC. These include works of art by you or others, art making supplies or books relating to art, art making, poetry, etc. If you have items to donate contact Connie Cheifetz, by July 30th. Thank you!

I have another question about the Gallery, who should I contact? 

Connie Cheifetz,


Getting Ready Email #3

So you know who to call, and how the Pop-Up Gallery works. Now, when are all these things happening!??

Sunday (July 31 for Week 1, August 7 for Week 2)

1pm - 4pm Arrival and Check In

Arrive at Menucha between 1-4pm.

Check in just outside Wright Hall for your room and studio locations. When you check in, you will pick up your name badge, which is your entry into all CAC events. Then you’ll have time to unpack, move your car to the parking lot, and walk around the beautiful grounds before the Meet & Greet at 4:30pm. You are welcome to have a friend or family member help you unpack and get situated.

3:30pm New Student Tour

This is an opportunity for first time participants to learn about the facility and tour the grounds. We’ll meet on the patio behind Wright Hall.

5:00pm: Meet & Greet

Join us for a Meet & Greet Sunday on the patio behind Wright Hall. It’s a chance to see everyone that is attending this year greet returning friends and meet new friends. We’ll serve light snacks & beverages.

6pm: Dinner

7pm: General Orientation

Meet in Wright Hall to meet our camp coordinator, board members and others that can provide help. You’ll get a review of the week’s guidelines and schedule. After the orientation, you will briefly meet with your instructor and fellow students. This year any lab fees will be paid directly to instructors.

Monday- Friday Daily Schedule

  • 8am: Breakfast
  • 9am-12pm: Morning workshop session
  • 12pm: Lunch
  • 1-4pm: Afternoon workshop session
  • 4-6pm: Free time (Pool is open!)
  • 6pm: Dinner
  • 7pm: Evening program (details to come)
  • After 8pm: Free Time

I need a ride- is someone willing to offer one? 

See Email #3 for the link to the Rideshare spreadsheet – it is self-serve and voluntary. If you need a ride, or can offer one, enter your info on the sheet and get in touch with each other!


Getting Ready Email #4

Are meals being served family-style?

Yes, we have returned to serving meals family style. This means volunteer meal servers will bring the food in serving bowls and plates to the table so people may fill their own plates.

It will be good to continue what’s always been a good practice – wash your hands well before you come to meals!

What if I filled out an Alternate Dietary Form? How do I get my food?

If you have dietary needs you shared with us on the form, if you would please wait a few minutes until the serving bowls and plates have gone to the tables, then go to the kitchen window, tell them your name and they'll give you your meal. You can get your water/tea/coffee while you wait!

Is the dining hall set up different?

Yes. The tables are spaced a bit farther apart than they used to be, and there are fewer chairs at each table.

Can we sit on the terrace?

Yes. There are small outside chairs tables with umbrellas. Just clear your table as you would inside.

We used to sign up to be Volunteer Meal Servers, are we doing that this year?

Yes! We’ll have the sign-up sheets available at registration and in Wright Hall.

What’s a Volunteer Meal Server?

Someone who arrives in the dining hall 10 minutes before the start of a meal. These people will bring the dishes of food to their table, ensure people at their table know where water/tea/coffee are, and make sure the table gets bussed after the meal.

Coffee, tea, water?

Yes! We'll have them at meals. Coffee stations in the buildings will be available for use. Menucha staff will bring water coolers to outdoor studios.


Countdown Email #5

What to bring?

  • Clothes: It’s summer, there’s not much air-conditioning. weather varies between very hot, pleasant, chilly or rainy. Think layers, casual clothes, a warm jacket or sweater. Bring attire for the tennis court, swimming pool and for walking. Comfortable shoes are a must! Some classes are messy and aprons and “paint clothes” are wise.
  • Refillable water bottle - Be sure to tag it with your name
  • Shampoo and soap
  • Hangers
  • Flashlight
  • Clamp-On work light
  • Insect repellent/ bug bite anti-itch gel
  • Sunblock
  • Alarm clock
  • Ear plugs and eye mask for light sleepers
  • Musical instruments
  • Cards, board games and books
  • Camera and chargers
  • Journal and sketchbook
  • Fan - Be sure to tag it with your name
  • An extension cord can also be helpful. Be sure to tag it with your name.
  • Bring a prize for Bingo Night (Something silly is good.)
  • The supplies listed for your workshop. You can print it from the CAC website on the page with your class description. Lab fees will be paid directly to your instructor.

Linens and towel are provided in all rooms.

We also provide blankets that can be used outside, and pool towels. Both blankets and pool towels are found in the entry to the Office building. 

Please keep in mind that whatever you bring, you should be prepared to take it home or dispose of it properly. This includes supplies you end up not using, beverage bottles and cans. Menucha does have some recycle bins at Wright Hall.


Countdown Email #6

Is this your first time attending Creative Arts at Menucha? If so, plan to join the New Student Tour at 3:30pm on Sunday.

What buildings are being used for housing this year?

Participants will be staying in Wright Hall, Ballard Hall, Boyd Hall, Beam House, and the Barn.

When will I find out what room I'm in?

Room assignments are based on requests that were made known, and will be available at check-in on Sunday.

Do I have to bring a sleeping bag or my own linens or towels?

No, sheets and towel are provided for all participants. If you are "pillow-picky" you might want to bring your own favorite pillow.

Can my friend/family come see me during camp?

Sunday through Thursday, no. Please do not invite guests at mealtimes nor for the evening presentations in Wright Hall. As always, there are no accommodations for unregistered overnight guests.

What about the Walk About on Friday, can I invite someone to come?

Yes! The Walk About after dinner (7pm) on Friday is a popular time for guests and this will still be allowed. Please let the coordinator know if you plan to invite guests. They need to check in at Wright Hall when they arrive and then depart once the Walk About is over.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Please gauge your own comfort level and needs -wear one if you would like to and would feel more comfortable. Many of the studios are outdoors, and all of them will be able to have the windows open. We are all in different places regarding comfort with being around more than just our households or friends.

Will there be a Pop-up gallery this year?

Yes, if you missed it, see email #2. Please respond using the form by July 30 if you wish to participate.


Countdown Email #7

During the pandemic we have been at work making some needed changes to our buildings and grounds. We hope you’ll notice the changes, and enjoy them, and will pardon our dust while some of them are still in-progress. As you arrive, enjoy the lush green all the spring rains have made possible on our entry road (and everywhere else too).

Some things to remember while you are here:

The Menucha grounds include a swimming pool, tennis court, volleyball court, wooded and paved trails and Gorge viewpoints for sunrise and sunsets. There is a grand piano and we encourage you to bring your own musical instruments as well. Wi-Fi is available in Wright, Ballard, Boyd, Beam, McCall but not in the Barn or The Grove studio.

As part of our renovations of Wright Hall, and the staffing changes we have had to make during this pandemic season, we have closed our Menucha gift shop for the time being. We do have small toiletry type items available in the office should you find you have forgotten something.

Lori, I enjoy a glass of wine, can I bring some?

Yes. Menucha neither encourages nor prohibits alcohol. We do ask your cooperation in being discreet, caring for those among us are in recovery, by using an opaque cup rather than bottle or can. Alcohol is not permitted in the dining hall, nor on the grounds. Please enjoy it within the building(s) (or the porch of said building) your group is staying in.

Is smoking permitted?

No smoking is allowed inside any Menucha building, nor within 10 feet of doors and windows. Smokers are asked to be very aware of potential fire danger in the windy Columbia Gorge. Menucha is a marijuana-free campus.

Coffee, Tea, Mugs, Water?

Conversations are better over a cup of coffee, tea, or water which is why Menucha has such a great collection of mugs. Each building will have a place to find your favorite mug, fill it with a beverage of your choice. You'll have to make the coffee, or pick your tea, but they'll be there!

Is there a refrigerator I can use?

Yes, in each building there is one. You'll want to label your items so others will know to whom it belongs.

Lori, I have an electric vehicle, can I charge it while I’m there? 

Right now the answer to that question is no. We are not equipped to allow electric vehicle charging – we’ve had several breakers tripped so far this summer when guests try to do this. There are several charging stations in Troutdale which are within 10 miles of Menucha. The Outlet Mall at exit 17, and the Walgreens parking lot at Stark St and 257th are close by.


Countdown Email #8

Creative Arts at Menucha is not just about the class time. The friendships formed are priceless. Those happen during class, over meals and in the evenings.

What happens in the evenings?

After dinner, there are presentations by teachers at 7pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

After the evening program, about 8pm, folks sing, play scrabble and card games, engage in warm conversation, star gaze, or go back to the studios to work. Gathering places include Wright Hall, the patio behind Wright Hall, and Ballard Porch. If you are gathering inside, please be prepared to wear a mask.

Quiet time begins at 10pm.

That's not all the evenings, what happens on Wednesday?

Wednesday is what we call "Glam Night" Come to dinner and evening festivities all glammed up. We will have some accessories to help you complete your ensemble.

Then at 7pm we'll play Bingo. If you choose to play, please bring a prize to add to the selections.

And we'll end the evening with a movie at 8:30pm (which one? be announced at camp)

What about Friday evening?

Friday we'll celebrate everyone's creativity by walking around to see each studio's work. Only student work is displayed. Beginning at around 7 pm students and guests walk an informal tour of the studios to celebrate the week and the work accomplished. Family/friend guests can come for this evening, just let us know they are coming. Please invite them to come at 7pm for the Walk About, but not for dinner.


Countdown Email #9



The cost to attend is broken down into these basic fees:

1. Basic Workshop Fee is $350 for all workshops.

2. Class Material Fee Class. Not every class has one, but those that do will be listed on the class description. You will pay this fee directly to your instructor in August not at the time of registration. The listed price for classes in the descriptions include the material fee. The material fee will not be collected at the time of registration.

3. Room and board. The cost for lodging and meals will depend on your selection of accommodations and if you need an alternative diet. All rates listed are per person.

Lodging is in Wright Hall, Ballard Hall, Boyd Hall, Beam House, The Barn and The Hideaway. There is a space on the registration form in which you can tell us what your preferred buildings or rooms are - we do not guarantee that room/building will be assigned to you, but will do our best to honor those preferences.

Lodging Rates

Quadruple Occupancy $618 (you and 3 roommates)
Triple Occupancy $695 (you and 2 roommates)
Double Occupancy $926  (you and 1 roommate)
Single Occupancy  $1,210  (you and 0 roommates)
Barn Single $643   (The Barn has 4 bedrooms that are all bunk beds, you would have the room to yourself, but all the beds are bunks and there are 2 shared bathrooms)

*There is not a commuter option available for this program. (A commuter is someone who takes a class, eats lunch & dinner here, but does not stay overnight at Menucha).

4. Alternative Diet Meal Plan is an additional $51 per week.

Scroll down to see this summer's offerings and read the full workshop descriptions with class supply list and material fees. Further information about the teachers will be found on the Creative Arts Community's website. Clicking the titles below will take you to their website.

Save the date! Some classes sell out fast.

Proof of covid vaccination is required to attend. 

Week 1, July 31 – August 6, 2022

Pastels with Trish Harding

Kooler Kolor: Soft Pastel's Super Power


Instructor: Trish Harding
Week1: July 31 - August 6, 2022

Color is pastel’s SUPERPOWER and without it a piece falls short of its promise! Join Trish and learn to use “Kooler Kolor” on paper treated with a pure pigment underpainting. Using photos of your choice or sketches, Trish will encourage your own voice and style. We will clarify value, intensity, and temperature and how to use these three contrasts with dynamic and economic strokes. Daily exercises will challenge your color knowledge and can’t help but build your confidence and love of the medium. Some experience is helpful but not necessary and your own supplies are required.

No Class Material Fee
Click here for required class supply list

Open Studio with Christopher Shotola-Hardt

Open Studio


Instructor: Christopher Shotola-Hardt
Week1: July 31 - August 6, 2022

Open Studio participants may bring work in progress or explore new ideas with instructor input to help encourage personal expression and artistic development.
Group critiques and one-on-one consultations will focus on helping the artist achieve their intended expression through effective execution of the formal aspects of the work (principles and elements of design).

Suitable for relative beginners to professional artists seeking an intensive week of artistic exploration in a stimulating setting. Oil or acrylic, or water-based media.

No Class Material Fee
Click here for required class supply list

Experimental Drawing with Linda Berkley

Experimental Drawing


Instructor: Linda Berkley
Week1: July 31 - August 6, 2022

Join this workshop to explore and expand the boundaries of your creativity practice. Experience new mediums, techniques, and ways of thinking about drawing. Open to all levels of experience.

Experimental Drawing is designed to inspire you, encourage your investigation, support your intuition and the realization of your personal vision. Each morning starts with energizing drawing exercises, prompts, and demonstrations in response to the natural setting of Menucha, followed by one-on-one creative and technical support from me and time for your individual project development.

We explore dry and liquid mediums, the layered and the transparent, in grand and miniature scale. We develop a drawing series started from observation, considering sequence, narrative, and composition, evaluate color, value, light, viewpoint, and touch in drawing. We resource inspiration from the literal to the sublime through the drawing process. Drawing becomes both meditation and dance, an intentional and intuitive action. Make your mark!

Class Material Fee $10
Click here for required class supply list

Jewelry with Junko Iijima

Jewelry: Forging and Wire Working


Instructor: Junko Iijima 
Week1: July 31 - August 6, 2022

In this week-long workshop, students will learn basic cold forging techniques along with basic metalsmithing techniques such as sawing, soldering, hammer texturing, fabricating, polishing, and simple cold connections (tab setting and bezel setting) to create rings, necklaces, and earrings in brass and copper. Some wire working and chain-making will also be included. A new project and a new skill will be introduced each day. We will focus on making one-of-a-kind unique jewelry inspired by your unique life experiences. 

Class Material Fee $40
Click here for required class supply list

Still Life Painting with Sarah Sedwick

Loose Realism: Painting the Still Life in Oils


Instructor: Sarah Sedwick
Week1: July 31 - August 6, 2022

Paint looser and more confidently during this five-day workshop with Eugene, Oregon artist Sarah Sedwick! Take a step-by-step approach to alla prima oil painting, from black-and-white studies to brilliant color. Build a beautiful composition with life and movement, and get a new perspective on the still life. Instead of struggling with overworking your paintings, practice STOPPING SOONER to keep the freshness you crave in your work! Working with a split-primary palette of six colors and white, you’ll learn Sarah’s favorite painting exercises to warm up for a studio day, get back into the groove after some time away from the easel, or simply shake things up! Explore how limitations can set you free, creating a painting in 20 brushstrokes, and another in 20 minutes. Learn the fundamentals of good design, and walk step-by-step through Sarah’s alla prima process, creating a dynamic still life from start to finish! Sarah will demonstrate, and work with each student individually. Instruction is in oils, and acrylics are welcome - particularly Open acrylics, that stay wet longer.

No Class Material Fee
Click here for required class supply list

Salvage Collage with Dayna Collins

Salvage Collage: Creating Eclectic and Contemporary Collages


Instructor: Dayna Collins 
Week1: July 31 - August 6, 2022

Part archiving, part storytelling, and part mad science - collage is so much more than cutting images out of a magazine and gluing them onto a piece of paper. Using old letters, scraps of wallpaper, discarded paper, ephemera, and material scavenged from discarded books, we will create eclectic and contemporary collages. We will: discuss collecting unique and unusual materials as well as making our own collage papers; learn about composition and design elements; the importance of color and value; explore a variety of techniques, from gluing to sealing, and how to display completed collages. No experience is necessary to work and play in this medium. I will do class demos with lots of time for hands on experimentation and creation.  I will provide an abundance of materials to use and tools and supplies to share.

Class Material Fee $25
Click here for required class supply list

Music with Brook Adams

I Wanna Play That! Workshop for Ukulele, Guitar, & Bass


Instructor: Brook Adams
Week1: July 31 - August 6, 2022

Bring your instrument and some songs to work on, recorded or written, and prepare to have fun. The goal is to spend the week working on a song or songs that you always wanted to learn. Not a beginners' workshop but if you feel comfortable playing your instrument this is for you.

We will meet as a group at the start and the end of each day to play and exchange notes. The remaining time will consist of individual practice and instruction with Brook. We will put on an informal show at the end of the week.

Brook Adams has performed at many festivals and venues around the country. He has made 10 albums... maybe 11. He will help you delve into your project and improve your playing.

No Class Material Fee
Click here for required class supply list

Week 2, August 7-13, 2022

Ceramics with Deborah McCunn

Ceramics: Myths and Masks


Instructor: Deborah McCunn
Week2: August 7-13, 2022

Join Deb McCunn and create your own expressive masks. We’ll look at myths and symbolism in mask making and then you’ll create masks telling your own stories. You might choose a Greenman, sun goddess, your favorite animal, or a self-portrait as your starting point. This is a great opportunity to learn human and animal facial features or create your own mythical characters. Your masks will evolve through your own unique voice. We’ll use paper clay along with metal wire, nails, horsehair, cloth, and other mixed media to bring your ideas to life. Each student will have time to make three masks that can be wall mounted for display. All levels are invited to join the fun and learn about masks.

Class Material Fee $10
Click here for required class supply list


Historical Painting with Mary Josephson

Living History: Recording Events in Paint


Instructor: Mary Josephson 
Week2: August 7-13, 2022

Recognizing Important Current Events to Construct Modern Historical Paintings

The events we will later realize are important to our culture, history and civilization are not in history books, they are happening now all around us, every day.  When I approach a new body of work, I think about what resonates, is ‘of the moment’ in the world and begin to visualize how I would paint these events, thoughts and feelings. Our class will begin with a focus on what is happening in the world, international, national and local events. We will discuss how we might translate current events into meaningful contemporary historical painting that reflect the struggles and triumphs of our time.

Examples of what might be considered: the contemporary hero and heroine, the effects of global warming, the pandemic, scientific discovery, space travel, architecture, the homeless crisis, athletic events, animal husbandry, agriculture, revelations in nutrition and fitness… the possibilities reflect how we view the world, from the simple: a new variety of apple to the complex- global warming, adding weight and rich narrative to our work.

All artists are welcome regardless of prior experience, a positive attitude and willingness to explore creatively is required.


Class Material Fee $20
Click here for required class supply list

Water Media with Margaret Godfrey

Water Media: Playing with Patterns 


Instructor: Margaret Godfrey
Week2: August 7-13, 2022

This workshop will appeal to artists who are interested in expanding their art with new and interesting ways to paint by adding patterns to paintings. Watercolor, gouache, and acyclic paints will be used on watercolor paper.  Participants will explore creating their own symbols and shapes to add personal content to their art. In this workshop, Margaret will demonstrate several ways of creating patterns and collage materials, then show ways to use them in painting to make each person’s work unique and more meaningful. The instructor will provided stamp making materials. As a story-telling artist, Margaret will help participants bring more content and ideas into their art. There will be daily demos and Margaret will work with each individual.

Class Material Fee $5
Click here for required class supply list

Printmaking with Dawn Endean

Printing with Shellac Plates


Instructor: Dawn Endean 
Week2: August 7-13, 2022

Shellac Plate Printmaking is a low-tech and versatile technique for creating intaglio prints as well as subtly textured collographs. Through demos and lots of hands-on work we will create and print shellac plates using both intaglio and collograph techniques. Instruction/demos will include:

  • Making the shellac plate
  • Image transfer and mark-making
  • Intaglio vs. Collograph plates
  • Inking and printing techniques
  • Adding color with viscosity rolls and a la pouée techniques
  • Chine collé technique: traditional and contemporary applications
  • Composing and collaging with shaped plates

Students will be encouraged to experiment with the wide range of effects that can be achieved with shellac plates to express their own ideas and aesthetic. This is a great alternative to creating etching-style prints without the use of chemically etched metal plates. Some printmaking experience helpful but not essential.

Class Material Fee $50
Click here for required class supply list

Representational Collage with Susan Schenk

Representational Collage: Painting with Paper


Instructor: Susan Schenk 
Week2: August 7-13, 2022

Take mixed media to a new level by upcycling papers to create representational art. Portrait, still life, landscape, birds and their nests and butterflies…all are good subjects for painting with paper. You will be guided through a technique to use the element of shape to create realistic or imaginary works with no drawing skills needed.  You will produce 5-8 frame-ready 2D works and create stencils and templates for making additional work at home. All levels welcome.


Class Material Fee $20
Click here for required class supply list

								 		Writing with Leanne Grabel

Spill Your Guts


Instructor: Leanne Grabel
Week2: August 7-13, 2022

There is nothing more liberating than telling your personal stories. There are so many impactful events and people in our lives that we will never forget because they changed us, they moved us. Sometimes the movement was forward. Sometimes the movement was backward. But we changed. These are the stories of memoir.

In this workshop, you will write a series of flash memoirs--short pieces that recount these events and people that formed and informed you. We will look at many examples, review poetic techniques and editing techniques so that your words will be concise and yet able to describe without becoming bogged down in length and complication. In essence, you will be writing prose poetry.

If you are comfortable with illustration, I would love to have you illustrate your pieces. If you are comfortable with spoken-word performance, I would love to have a class performance at the end of the workshop week. If you are not comfortable with adding these extra pieces, you will come away with a chapbook length series of personal memoir. Family photos can be scanned and added to each piece also.


Class Material Fee $15
Click here for required class supply list

Open Studio with Ruth Armitage

Open Studio


Instructor: Ruth Armitage 
Week2: August 7-13, 2022

Open studio participants bring work in progress or explore new ideas with instructor input to help encourage personal expression and artistic development. Group critiques and one-on-one consultations will emphasize the elements of design: shape, color, line, value, form, etc.

Suitable for relative beginners to professional artists, this is a class for painters seeking an intensive week of artistic exploration in a stimulating setting. Oil or acrylic, or water based media.

No class material fee
Click here for required class supply list