Personal Retreats

gorge-bench-blue-skyBooking your Lodging and Meals

Call our office (503-695-2243) during regular business hours and speak with Mary Anne; she can tell you when we have openings on our calendar for personal retreats for you and your household. Our personal retreat space is a building called The Hideaway.

Can I bring my family to Menucha for a personal retreat?

Yes, the Hideaway sleeps up to four people who live in the same household.

How much does it cost?

$110 per room, per night

Meals are $46.50 per adult (age 13 and up) for 3 meals and $24.75 for kids age 7-12. Free for youngest ones.

Are there rooms available where I can cook meals for myself?

Yes, The Hideaway has a kitchenette.

What time can we arrive and when do we depart?

Please arrive during office hours (9am-4pm); depart by 2 pm on the last day of your retreat.

If you cannot arrive during office hours, please let us know and we will tell you how to check in.

Are meals served in the Dining Hall?

Right now, meals will be prepared as take-out, picked up in the dining hall and enjoyed on the terrace, outside, near your room – you choose! Proper trash receptacles will be available.

Can we use the swimming pool?

We hope to open our pool in early July. If you are interested in pool use, please talk with us about that when you book your room and we can tell you the latest county health information.


What to do While You’re Here

You can choose to come on retreat any time we have personal retreat space available. People come to Menucha for many reasons: to read, write, pray, meditate, grieve, make art, write music, think, relax and enjoy this beautiful place.

If you desire a spiritual retreat, you may come with your own agenda or we are happy to help you with your planning, including:

– Personal Journal tailored to your needs

– Labyrinth walks (on your own or facilitated-materials provided)

– Explorations of spiritual disciplines (self-guided or facilitated introductions)

– Bible Studies (on your own or with a staff member – materials provided or bring your own)

– Nature Trails (explore on your own or ask for a guide)