Personal Retreats

gorge-bench-blue-skyBooking your Lodging and Meals

Call our office (503-695-2243) during regular business hours and speak with Christine or Mary Anne; they can tell you when we have openings on our calendar in our personal retreat space called The Hideaway.

Here is a general guide for estimating costs:

$61 per night base price with no meals provided. The Hideaway has a queen bed and two twin beds, a kitchenette, bathroom, sitting room, and deck.

Note: We regret that The Hideaway is not accessible for those who cannot climb stairs.

Hideaway guests may cook for themselves. However, if other groups will be here during your stay, we’ll be cooking for them and, if you like, you may plan ahead to enjoy some meals in our dining room, too. Meal costs are as follows:

$12.00 per breakfast
$14.00 per lunch
$16.00 per dinner

What to do While You’re Here

You can choose to come on retreat any time we have personal retreat space available. People come to Menucha for many reasons: to read, write, pray, meditate, grieve, write music, think.

If you desire a spiritual retreat, you may come with your own agenda or we are happy to help you with your planning.  We can tailor materials for your use, from labyrinth walks to spiritual disciplines that you can easily follow.

Some ideas/material for your planning:

– Personal Journal tailored to your needs

– Labyrinth walks (on your own or facilitated-materials provided)

– Explorations of spiritual disciplines (self-guided or facilitated introductions)

– Bible Studies (on your own or with a staff member-materials provided or bring your own)

– Nature Trails (explore on your own or ask for a guide)

$10 per day prepared materials. If you have other ideas of your own, we would be happy to work with you to create your personal retreat. Contact Program Director Rev. Lori Nance in the office (503-695-2243).  We look forward to serving you on your journey!