You may reach us in the office 8:30 am – 5:00 pm daily: 503-695-2243

Our Mission is:

To enrich lives through hospitality, learning, reflection and renewal.


What to expect:

Family-style meals are served three times a day in Wright Hall. Fresh-baked bread and homemade jam from local berries are part of the Menucha kitchen tradition. Menucha staff is pleased to work with you to facilitate the experience you seek, including program pieces. 

Menucha has bed spaces and food service for up to 160 guests. These range from semi-private style rooms (2 and 3 per room with your own bathroom) to community style lodging (3 and 4 per room, bunk style rooms with bathrooms either in your room or just down the hall).  We also have 34 bunk spaces on two wings, one bathroom in each wing, in the Barn, where you may prepare your own food.