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Pastors Unplugged is an opportunity to disconnect with your congregation and daily responsibilities in order to connect with fellow pastors and/or a spouse, relax, and learn something. Discount for newcomers to our presbytery. Scholarships available! February 1-4, 2015.

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Our Quilting Retreat is Friday, February 13- Monday, February 16, 2015. Enjoy Presidents' Day weekend doing something you love to do! Register before Dec 31 and you may win a $25 gift card!


Our Scrapbooking Retreats take you away from daily distractions so you can have fun getting albums done. Plan now to attend Jan 2-4 and/or May 8-9.
Past our stone entry, a forest embraces travelers along a serpentine road. The destination: a one hundred acre sanctuary in the Columbia River Gorge. Seven hundred feet above one of the nation's epic rivers, this is a place where bald eagles float their shadows across old growth conifers; where trails may lead to heirloom gardens or perennial springs. It's called "Menucha" (Men-oo-ka), a Hebrew word meaning "ever-changing, renewing stillness." Menucha's landscapes are marked by the currents of history, which have carried both aboriginal peoples and homesteaders through its woods and meadows. Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery journeyed by Menucha. Presidents walked its paths. And, over the last half-century, tens of thousands of people from around the world have found their way here. They come for purposeful work; they find a staff whose mission is to offer the gift of hospitality, food, lodging and graceful engagement.