Join the Cohort by February 1, 2019!

The Office of Formation at The Presbyterian Mission Agency invites you on a 12 month exploration of Christian Formation through Intergenerational Ministry.

Leaders: Jason Santos and Brian Frick

Registration has closed. Please check back in the fall for 2020 cohort information.

Cohort Experience Goal

Through in-person conversations, video distance learning, practice and feedback, the Cohort Experience aims to enable the mindset shift of understanding Christian Formation to be whole and integrative so that congregations begin to engage in Christian Formation that is intergenerational at its base. This kind of Formation focuses on forming identity in the faith through intergenerational and shared practices, shifting away from the model that separates the congregation into smaller, age and affinity related groups

By helping congregations adapt into an intergenerational space, we seek to nurture authentic faith communities that are welcoming to all age groups as one shared community.  By sharing practices when we are in age/stage groups and by working in as many ways as we can to integrate all generations in experiences of worship, learning and sharing, we believe the church will be more vibrant and relevant in this evolving stage in the journey of Christianity.


$450 per cohort member. 

Cost covers all retreat and local gatherings (2 one-night retreats  at Menucha, and a one-day gathering).  No money goes to the national church as we are providing our support as part of our ministry areas.

We highly encourage churches to send 2-3 cohort members, however, if all you have is one, send them!

Cascades Presbytery churches may apply to the Vitality Fund for scholarships. More information:

Note: It is churches which must apply, not individuals. If a church decides to send three people they should apply for scholarships for three people, but only send in one application. The Session has to sign off on the application.

Launch Retreat (Led by PMA Cohort Leader Brian Frick, Jason Santos)

              March 1-2, 2019 (Friday lunch – Saturday lunch)

Launch Retreat will be an overnight gathering  at Menucha in which the group  will set the course for the 12 months through an overview of  intergenerational Christian Formation and the importance of Shared Practices through presentation and discussion, as well as  having time to identify  opportunities and challenges in each  congregation’s context.

Video conferencing with Presbyterian Mission Agency staff leadership monthly

Bi-monthly whole Cohort Learning Video Lessons and Practical Sharing of this learning by Cohorts – focusing on sharing back successes and often a beginning video to focus the conversation

Bi-Monthly congregation specific cohort leader team coaching  – designed to provide direct on-the-ground listening and support. Dates/time determined by

One Day Cohort Gathering at Menucha or other location for a one-day check (6 month – mark) (Date in July/August To be Determined)

This gathering is to encourage networking and sharing between cohort-member churches, check-in, course correct as needed based on experience so far

Ending Overnight Retreat (Led by PMA Leader) End of cohort (12 months) (Date in February 2020 to be determined)

Gather Cohorts to share what we have learned, codify what we should be sharing with others, and chart a path on where we go forward.  Discover together what ongoing support and resources would be most useful for them as they sustain this new direction of Christian Formation

Overview of the 12 Months

February or March 2019 –Launch Retreat

March 2019  –all-cohort video conference

April 2019 –congregational coaching

May 2019 –all-cohort video conference

June 2019 –congregational coaching

July 2019 –all-cohort video conference

August 2019 –day gathering (location TBD)

September 2019 –congregational coaching

October 2019 – all-cohort video conference

November 2019  – congregational coaching

December 2019 – all-cohort video conference

January 2020 – congregational coaching

February 2020 – Ending retreat at Menucha


Jason Santos

Rev. Jason Santos, Ph.D., the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s Mission Coordinator for Christian Formation and National Director of Ukirk (collegiate ministries)

Brian Frick

Brian Frick is the Mission Associate for Formation and Camp and Conference Ministries at the Presbyterian Mission Agency








Cancellation Policy for Menucha Sponsored Programs:

More than 90 days out 100% refunded less $50 administration fee
46-90 days out 65% refunded
30-45 days out 50% refunded
Less than 30 days out No refund available


There are no refunds once the program has started.
If the event is canceled, the full deposit will be refunded.