November 15, 17, 19, 21, 23

Online, two hour sessions --  1:00 - 3:00 pm Pacific Time

Perfect for hiking, biking, sitting in a café or standing in line — take it anywhere, whip it out in a minute, preserve a memory in 25 minutes or less and put away with no clean-up.

This workshop is ideal for timid beginners who want to fearlessly paint in public, and perfect for experienced artists who want mobility, minimal equipment and no clean-up.

Learn enough to play for a lifetime!


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$175 for fully interactive participant in class; or

$98 to be a "Learning Observer" who gets to watch but does not take part in the sharing of pictures and asking questions.

  • Supplies $50.00 extra (purchased through Kath Macauley): paint set, paper, water soluble pen and water container, manual, knife for opening paints: $50.00 plus $8.15 shipping.  (These are a tad hard to find: you will get sources.)
  • Cost includes recordings of all sessions which are available for viewing for 2 weeks after the session


Session one:  Water soluble pen and perspective of contrast.

Session two:  The pen and how to use with watercolor:  the perspective of color

Session three:  Landscape, focal point and importance of timer.

Session four:  Landscape and the use of wax as a resist.

Session five:  Still life with flowers.

Interactive, with instructive demonstrations and critiques, both given in a very positive manner in each session.  There is far more material covered than fits in these descriptions!





"The classes were very well prepared, well presented, designed for student success and there was no wasted time or filler time.  Kath knows her subject and is very thorough.  She keeps evaluations brief and to the point.  I reviewed each lesson to catch what I may have missed.  One reason I signed up was to be able to go back and revisit the lessons." - Gayle S.

"As a beginner, I was looking for gentle guidance in how to get out there and sketch and paint for my own pleasure.  I definitely got that.  People who appeared to be more accomplished also got valuable feedback in a caring way.  I left each class feeling good about what I accomplished during the lesson.  It made me eager to do the homework and to practice between sessions.  It took five minutes to get ready, there was no driving time, and it didn’t take much to figure out what to wear or what to pack for lunch!" - Ida

"The recording was essential.  First because our homework images were there.  Second because most of us have distracted attention spans.  I learned so much from going back over your recordings.  Priceless, I think." - Liz W.

"Now I have attended all 3 types of your workshops: traditional  live workshop, Covid-19 mask and distancing workshop, and Zoom workshop. (Toss in your great PBS program showing here, and I guess that makes 4 types!) In a nutshell, you made Zoom the best of all worlds! No travel. No hotels. Still, great lessons.  Full-size sketchpad on my computer screen.  I can totally see what you are doing, and we could ask questions as you went along.  Excellent individual critique of sketches while sharing with great people.  More time to spend on “homework” to try different things., Good time frame of  5 hour-and-a-half lessons , plus a half hour for socializing before class. Having the lessons available for two weeks made it easy to review and catch up when I had a conflict. Thanks for bringing your workshop to Zoom and my computer."  -Jan P.