Things to check:

  • Is your Zoom client up to date? 
  • Can you hear us?
  • Can we hear you?


How to update Zoom


Check that your audio works – test your microphone. 

During classes your mic won’t be as important, but during times when we have time for questions and answers, we’ll call on you to unmute yourself so you can ask your questions. So make sure it’s working for class and if you are going to take part in the jams or the student concert.

During an open mic session, if available, a computer hard-wired rather than on wifi is better. But if wifi is your only option  – use it! We’ll still see you and hear you, and if it skips or lags or…, keep playing! If it stops completely we’ll come back to you.

If it completely stops working, we’ll move on and come back to you!


If you’re signing up to play during the open mic/student concert during an online music event, ensure you have “Original Sound” enabled.

Where is that setting in Zoom?

Enabling Original Sound in Zoom


another good tutorial about sound in Zoom

Zoom Sound tutorial