Pink Lemonade Retreat for Survivors and their Spouses/Partners

Retreat for Breast Cancer Survivors and their Spouses/Partners

September 5-7, 2013                     Click here for Registration Application*

hand-pictures20 for cancer couple retreatThis retreat is sponsored by a grant from the   which says,

“When life throws you lemons, make lemonade!” 

Program Description  At this retreat, guests are given time to consider the impact of cancer on their lives and to reflect upon both the difficulties and the potentials that exist as a result of it.  Participants will explore what it means to have healthy minds, bodies and spirits in the midst of living with cancer.  Experience renewal, shared journeying and encouragement among people who understand what you’re going through because they are on the same road.  At the end of the retreat, we hope participants emerge with renewed perspectives and energy.

Schedule for the Retreat

What do previous participants have to say? Read reviews and letters we’ve received.

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Facilitators are drawn from a pool of trained cancer retreat facilitators. Closer to each event check back here for the current facilitators.


COST: $496 per couple

Don’t let cost keep you from attending!  If you could cover some – but not all – of the cost,  have no fear! Filling out the form linked to this page will alert our partner organization, the Pink Lemonade Project  of your level of financial need, and scholarships will be made available. Pink Lemonade is happy to give them so please ask!

Click here for Registration Application*

*Registration “Application” – What’s that about?

Our survivor retreats are customized for people at different places in their cancer journeys. The reason we have you “apply” rather than completely register is so that we can make sure to match you with the right group.

When you click the registration link, you’ll go to a form that asks you to enter your name, address, phone number, and email. Within a few weeks, a retreat facilitator will call you, ask a little about your cancer journey (how long since your diagnosis, current and past treatments, etc.) and answer any questions you may have about the retreat. If you both conclude that this is a good fit, the facilitator will  notify Menucha to send you a full registration form. If this retreat won’t be a good fit, you may choose to tell us that you wish to receive alerts about future groups that might better suit your needs.

If this September retreat does not fit your schedule, stay tuned for retreat dates in 2014.

We also have singles retreats planned.  Check this website for further details. 

Thank you for your interest in our retreats!

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